Tracing Missing Persons

The Art of Tracing

Tracing people, particularly if they don't want to be found, can be a laborious and stressful situation.  Our clients include businesses owed money by debtors who have gone to ground or disappeared with assets.  

At Mojolake Investigations we do whatever it takes to locate your subject in a totally ethical and legally compliant manner.  With over 30 years experience our team will utilise a variety of techniques including making field based enquiries in order to provide confirmation of your subject's current address.  We are so confident our our success that this service is provided on a no-find, no-fee basis and the result is fully guaranteed.  Should you require, we will also attempt to make contact with the subject in order to facilitate a re-engagement with them.

We have assisted in locating many people, for reasons including making contact with debtors, locating assets that have been removed, finding beneficiaries and simply finding friends and family members with whom contact has been lost.  

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